Projet North Star

Restorations preserve the material legacy of Canadian innovation so that they can be shared today and with future generations. From a full-size locomotive to microscope slides, these artifacts are crucial for bringing Canada’s stories of science, agri-food, aerospace, and technology to life. The Collection is unique to our three Museums, and represents their mandate preserve and protect Canada’s scientific and technological heritage, while also promoting, celebrating, and sharing knowledge of that heritage and how it affects the daily lives of Canadian.

General restorations take place on artifacts of all sizes across the three Museums. We also pursue special large-scale restorations that are powered by the dedication of volunteer teams and staff, and the support of committed donors. At the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, we are proud of the continued work on the North Star (with the Project North Star team). At the Canada Science and Technology Museum, we look forward to completing the testing and repairs (with the Bytown Railway Society) to make the Shay locomotive available to visitors once again.

Whatever your area of interest in preserving Canada’s history of innovation, your contribution will help ensure that these impressive restorations and inspiring stories engage Canadians for generations to come.